An Editor’s Two Cents (Lives & Stuff)

Your work is important to us. It’s your baby, your work of art, and it’s our livelihood, our craft. Many editors are writers too, so we get it. We really do…

…but please. Editors are humans. Understand that we have to eat, and sleep, and bathe, and have families and commitments. We can’t work on your story twenty-four/seven, or be available to answer questions at the drop of a hat. We will get back to you as soon as we’re able, but please be a little patient. If it goes beyond, say, forty-eight hours then by all means, check in. But give us a little time.

Don’t think that just because we need a little time to get your book done or to answer emails it means that your writing isn’t important to us. We just want to do a good job. It’s your book. You deserve quality. That quality is our reputation.

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