My Life in Red Ink

Welcome to my blog! This is my first official post, so let’s just pretend that it’s all sparkly and stuff.

Sometimes, I think that being an editor is not like most other jobs. The digital age has at least cut down on fingers soaked in red ink and looking bloodied, but the feeling is pretty much the same! You’ll never look at any words the same again. Hell, you’ll want to correct people when they speak. Everyone in the world is suddenly going around with speech bubbles over their heads, and you have to restrain yourself in the supermarket from tackling your husband and scribbling corrections over his head…

Or…maybe that’s just me. Either way.

You’ll correct subtitles on the television, and wonder how books were released from Random House with so many typos.

My point is that it’s a far more life-encompassing job than anyone realizes!

So, this blog is to just vent off a little steam. Offer insights from the editorial desk that may help writers or other editors, discuss common typos, or even share some funny stories here and there. (You’d be surprised how funny the job can be at times!)

So, grab your red pen and edit life along with me!


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